Which features to look for in traditional accent chairs

Which features to look for in traditional accent chairs
April 4, 2017 Ken Savage

At Wood Bros we understand that you want your home to reflect your personality and accent furniture is a great way to do this. Put a piece of accent furniture in any room and it will add a touch of excitement, any piece that has an element of distinctive style or vibrant colour will do this. Watch your visitors’ eyes as they immediately pick out your carefully placed piece of accent furniture, they will be envious of your sense of style and design. Your accent piece may be in a style or colour that jars with the rest of your room, but this doesn’t matter, it is the sense of the dramatic that you are after. At Wood Bros we especially love giving advice about these vibrant pieces and have a wealth of furniture experience that we are just waiting to share with you.

Most pieces of furniture have to be chosen for practicality or functionality, with an accent piece you can go beyond this and have a bit of fun, we at Wood Bros really enjoy the creative side of furniture. Chairs lend themselves perfectly to being accent furniture because they offer opportunities for interest in form, size, construction and colour. Place an accent chair in the corner of a room underneath some soft lighting and you will have a spot that everyone wants to sit in. Or you might want to choose a compact accent sofa, with room for two; like our buttoned Pickering sofa. At Wood Bros we enjoy designing these accent pieces and have made collections that are imaginative and creative for you to play around with.

For your perfect cosy nook or conversation space, you can afford to spend that bit more on this special piece of furniture. Select an accent chair that will make you feel at home and use cushions and books around it to create a relaxing space that will encourage you to sit and unwind after a long day. If your home is limited in space don’t feel that you won’t be able to create this kind of luxury. We have collection pieces, like our Deighton armchair, that have been specifically designed to look at home in a small space and it only takes a touch of lighting or a small rug to make the cosy area you are after. If you need any advice about cost or style please feel free to contact our friendly team, we are full of great ideas and love to share them.

You can trust our generations of experience when it comes to choosing a traditional accent chair and accessorising it to complete your home. We’ve explained some of the key features below to help you make an informed choice but you will always be welcome to ask questions of our family of experts:

1. Profile

The profile of a chair is the outline or framework and comprises the frame and any shaping that has been given to the chair using upholstery padding. You want the profile of this accent chair to be striking but comfort and relaxation should still be your main aim, after all you want all of the family to enjoy your new chair. A small rounded armchair can make as much of a statement in a minimalist kitchen as a sharp angled steel one can in a cushion-filled lounge. Our Arncliffe collection, for example, has a classic low, unfussy shape but does not compromise on family comfort.

2. Colour
By playing around with colour you can make a real statement in your home. If your family sofa is a shade of faded tweed, then why not strike a glaring note with a bright pink chair? With a traditional accent chair, we can help you to think out of the box when it comes to colour. At Wood Bros, we have a collection of fabrics and colours to suit all tastes and are happy to discuss your design requirements. The Ripley collection with its smooth lines is particularly suited to brighter shades.

3. Upholstery

The upholstery of your traditional accent chair should be tactile and make you want to touch it. Successful upholstery goes way beyond just the colour. Your choice of fabric will have a big impact on the approachability of your chair. Choose a warm, homely fabric like those in our Ripley collection and your accent chair will have plenty of visitors.

To help your design ideas flow when choosing upholstery, take upholstery swatches home with you and try them out in your room. Place each swatch on another chair in the spot that you want for your accent chair and try it with different accessories and lighting. Your traditional accent chair or sofa is going to be the piece of furniture that you and your visitors warm to and enjoy relaxing in so take time making your choice. Great furniture design is at the heart of everything that we do and we are here to help you.

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